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Reduce waiting line, increase tickets sales, and collect more customer data.
Julia Dousse
October 26, 2023
3 min to read

What is it?

The Xpress Door feature aims to replace the conventional point of sale system, where customers pay by credit card at the counter.

Instead, customers can make purchases directly with their phone in a few seconds by simply scanning a QR code, to avoid a long wait in front of the entrance.

QR code at the venue

How does it work?

  1. Get your Xpress Door QR code on your Smartboard in “My Page” section. Place this QR code at the entrance of your event.
  2. Attendees scan the code as they arrive at the event venue.
  3. Attendees swiftly purchase their tickets in a few seconds with Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank cards, without creating a Shotgun account. NB: If an attendee already has a Shotgun account, they will be automatically redirected to the event page within our app.
  4. Attendees instantly have access to their tickets once the payment process is completed. Buyers will see their ticket QR code on the confirmation page.
  5. Attendees can confidently stride into the event venue, where their ticket QR code will be quickly scanned at the entrance.

Say goodbye to lengthy lines and cumbersome ticketing procedures. With Shotgun Xpress Door, event management, and ticket purchasing have never been smoother!

Which events are listed on the Xpress Door Page?

The Xpress Door page automatically showcases the ongoing current event or the upcoming event (scheduled within the next 6 hours). No setup is required on your end. This means you can conveniently reuse your QR code for all your upcoming events!

How to get a report of Xpress Door sales ?

Within your Smartboard, you will find all purchases in the "Orders" section of your event. Sales from your Xpress Door will be marked with a "Door" tag. You can then apply a filter to generate a report of these sales only.

Report of Xpress Door orders

As a traditional order, all buyers using Xpress Door will be added to your contact list (with email address and phone number). To learn more about your contacts, read this article on how to effectively analyze your community.

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