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Go viral with the reward program

Capitalize on the power of influence of your customers and reward them for their affiliate sales.
Julia Dousse
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Transform your clients into ambassadors!

The Shotgun's Reward Program is an innovative feature that allows event organizers to turn their clients into ambassadors and reward them for their affiliated sales. This new viral feature capitalizes on the power of client influence and encourages them to promote the event to their community through their affiliate link. The process is simple: once the organizer activates the program, they can set up rewards and communicate the program to their clients. Clients will be informed through the mobile application, the event page, and also at the confirmation of their order. For every ticket purchased through their ambassador link, clients will receive an email indicating the progress of their cashback. Once the event is over, they will be automatically reimbursed based on the number of tickets sold.

The Reward Program is an effective way to sell more tickets and increase the visibility of the event. By trusting their audience to promote the event, organizers can reach a wider audience and create a viral effect. Tracking results also allows organizers to measure the impact of the Reward Program on their sales. In summary, the Shotgun Ambassador Program is a powerful feature for event organizers who want to maximize their sales and visibility by building loyalty within their community.

Let's go:

1. Activate the program
2. Set up the rewards
3. Promote the program

Si vous activez le programme, les utilisateurs en seront informés sur l'application mobile, sur la page de votre événement et à la confirmation de leur commande. Pour chaque billet acheté via leur lien ambassadeur, ils recevront un e-mail indiquant la progression de leur cashback. Une fois l'événement terminé, ils seront automatiquement remboursés en fonction du nombre de billets vendus.

4. Follow the results

Let's start now !


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