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Tailored for event producers of all sizes

From small collectives to giant festivals, thousands of organizers are collaborating with Shotgun to manage their experience.

Strengthen your brand while selling more tickets

Be autonomous, express your identity, grow and monetize your community.


Sell more. Do less.

Create beautiful personalized events in minutes, have total control over your ticket management and reach break even faster.

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Make people know about your event, get a better understanding of your audience, bring them back and build your community.

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Seamlessly check-in attendees and guests

Get your guests through the door faster, scan tickets without any network, sell on-site tickets and manage access control easily.

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Your money is yours.

Our solution helps you finance your production by giving you secure and instant access to your cash.

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Real feedbacks

Shotgun is everything Facebook Event app tried to be but never was.

Tania Tumulto
Brazilian user @falameuanjo

I loved this ticketing system ! Perfect!!!! We were in the middle of the forest with low signal and everything worked perfectly.

Jacob Jones
Founder @Tramafestival

I would just like to say that this resell feature is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a ticketing platform. Congratulations to you guys !

Brazilian user @wilsonny

I love this app and I’ve only had it for 5 minutes. Super easy to use, straight forward and super responsive! Can’t wait to use it more

American user @elena657

We put tickets on Shotgun for our last party, there were hundreds of ticket sold before we even announced; that's when we understood Shotgun was now more powerful than Facebook to sell tickets and is now incontournable.

Founder @Heretik, french collective

Shotgun, the only app we kept on our smartphone despite the lockdowns.

Marie Auvillain
French user @m.the.villain

Finally a ticketing app done by the community, for the community! Best ticketing app ever! Amazing user experience, intuitive, supportive towards all the best parties and collectives both in Brooklyn and the US. Customer service always on point. Feels like being part of a family, from a user, artist and promoter standpoint. 100% Recommended!

American user @Camillalubatti

Downloading Shotgun is really the worst thing to do, I have like 800 tickets for anything and everything !

French user @unknowarlock


Our dedicated team is here for you at every step.

We are a human size company with a global team dispatched in our offices in France (Paris, Marseille), in Iberia (Lisbon), in Brazil (São Paulo) and in the US (New York, Miami).
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