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Discover the new organizer page

Update your organizer page in a more complete, intuitive, unique and customizable way.
Julia Dousse
September 7, 2023
6 min to read

What are the new features?

1. Tracking statistics

In addition to the Tracking pixels feature, these new stats allow you to track traffic to your page, the number of weekly visits, subscribers among your contacts, newsletter subscribers and push notification subscribers.

2. Pinned event

You have the ability to highlight your most important event by pinning it at the top of your page! This will allow you to stand out and attract the attention of your visitors.

To do so, you simply need to select the event you want to highlight and add a catchy and attractive phrase to encourage users to click on it.

A pinned event to attract attendees

By highlighting your event, you ensure that visitors to your page will see it first, which can increase your chances of participation and success for this event. So don't hesitate to use this feature to promote your most important events!

3. Organizer contact

Give your users the opportunity to contact you directly, without going through our Shotgun customer service. Indeed, you can provide a dedicated contact email address for users! It is important to note that this email address can be different from your Smartboard email address and will not change your account credentials in any way. It will simply be displayed (or not, depending on your preferences) at the bottom of your organizer page.

4. Artists

You can now display the artists who have performed at your events and sort them by popularity or date of performance. For information, popularity is based on the number of users subscribed to the artist pages on Shotgun. To learn more about subscriptions and notifications, you can read this Q&A.

Artists displayed on the organizer page

5. A more intuitive interface

Keep customizing your page to your liking! In addition to the short description and images (logo and cover image) already present in the old version, you can add tags that reflect your values, your music style, or your identity.

When you edit your page, you can preview it with just one click!

What is this page for?

A page that serves as a social network

When a user subscribes to your page, they can choose to be notified by email and/or mobile push, allowing you to have more early sales, engagement, and better retention.

We have also added new external links to help you connect more easily with your community through TikTok, Telegram, WhatsApp Community and Instagram broadcast.

Easy to integrate into your website

With the Widget feature, you can easily integrate your page on your site. The Widget is customizable and can be adapted as:

  • Agenda of upcoming events
  • Social media page
  • Direct ticketing for an event to buy their ticket without leaving your site
Widget of an organizer page Shotgun

Do not underestimate the importance of customizing your page - it's a great way to stand out and give your fans a unique and memorable experience. Learn more about the organizer page.

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