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Engage with artists fans with Music Sync

Learn about our new feature Music Sync helping fans of artists to discover your event
Julia Dousse
May 2, 2023
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Do you want to take your live music events to the next level and make it easier for your fans to discover and attend them? Look no further than Music Sync, this feature helps artists fans to discover your event. Gone are the days of your fans having to manually search for events that match their music style and preferences.

With Music Sync, our app automatically syncs with your fan's music preferences, whether it's through Spotify or Soundcloud (Apple Music & Deezer to come). This means that we'll have a better understanding of their music taste and the artists they love, allowing us to tailor the events we recommend specifically to them.

Demo of how to import artists

Benefits for the user

Users will discover new events featuring their following artists. They can find it on the artist page directly and they will also receive a notification when an event is published. They will be kept up-to-date as they will be automatically subscribed to the artists page, when using our tool Music Sync.

Artist page on Shotgun website

Benefits for organizer

Not only does Music Sync benefit your fans, but it also benefits you as an event organizer. When you publish an event, we'll send a notification not only to your community but also to the lineup artists' community. This means you can reach people who may not have heard of your event otherwise, resulting in hyper-qualified leads and a hyper-relevant audience for you as an organizer. But that's not all. The more users sync their library, the more benefits there are for organizers. This includes an increase in the number of artists followed, improving publication notification reach, and an improvement in fill-up rates for organizers.

With Music Sync, you'll be able to connect with your fans like never before, delivering the live music experiences they crave while also increasing your reach and attendance rates. This feature comes in addition to our integrations with worldwide live music databases like Songkick or Bands in Town to notify fans of artists when they play near them!

Say goodbye to traditional ticketing methods and hello to the future of live event ticketing with Shotgun solution.



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