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Monitor your events with our new feature

Discover the new Event Traffic feature to help you track visits for each one of your events.
Julia Dousse
June 14, 2023
2 min to read


With Event Traffic, you have insights on visits on your event page on Shotgun (data available only from April 21st 2023). If a person goes to your page twice, it will count as two visits. As an event organizer, we understand that traffic on a page can be crucial not only to measure popularity and visibility, but also to evaluate marketing efforts. This new feature will help organizers understand their traffic but also monitor view-to-sale conversion.

1. Evaluate your performance

For each event, you can now track the Total visits but also Visits over time. This allows you to assess how an event is performing. You can also identify peaks in growth/decline and understand what has contributed to these trends. For example, after a marketing campaign, you can see how visits have evolved.

Impact of marketing campaign on total visits

2. Optimize your content

Identify which content attracts your audience best, by looking at where your visits come from (Visits by source). Whether it is from our Shotgun app, social media (Facebook, Instagram…), search engine (Google, Bing…), your website or others, everything is listed. Thanks to these metrics, you can create contents to follow the user interests.

Total visits by source (Shotgun, Social media, website...)

3. Analyze your conversion

Track view-to-action conversion ! You can see the rates of Buying tickets, Clicking on “Interested” and Sharing your event. By tracking this data, you will be able to identify areas for improvement, such as optimizing the content of your event page or refining your marketing strategies.

Actions performed during visits

For more tips on how to sell your event, read our article on this topic. Have fun with this new feature and look at how you are performing !


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