Why Shotgun ?

A revolution has happened in live events.

Shotgun has come to life while a new generation of event organizers were taking over the live music market facing an archaic ticketing industry that was not built to address the needs of the live music creator economy.

Like you, we love music. So we built an intuitive software & marketplace that empower live event organizers by helping them build their brand, run operations and grow their community.

By drastically reducing the complexity of building an event brand, Shotgun allows organizers to refocus on what really matters to them: artistic direction and event production.

In a world where going out has become a way of life, the mobile app Shotgun has become the go-to destination for young people to discover events, buy and resell tickets. Over the years, we have built a non-stop growing community of users over the world.


2014 in Paris, an unlikely meeting between an introverted polytechnician, a south guy who organizes parties and a rock fan at Science Po, around a common observation: “Paris is boring” and the desire to remedy it.

A new creative generation was emerging then, but a bridge was missing to allow them to share with a craving public.

Shotgun was then born in the warehouses of the Parisian underground electronic scene and allowed new artists and event creators to go from a confidential audience to thousands of people. The first users of Shotgun quickly seized the product, and made it evolves with the scene.

Shotgun became the infrastructure between creators and the new generation of party-goers by becoming an underground event marketplace.


Our dedicated team is here for you at every step.

We are a human size company with a global team dispatched in our offices in France (Paris, Marseille), in Iberia (Lisbon), in Brazil (São Paulo) and in the US (New York, Miami).
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