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Segment your target audience!

Get to know and address your audience better with our new segmentation feature!
Julia Dousse
March 3, 2023
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Audience segmentation is a key element for a successful marketing campaign. Not only it allows event organizers to better understand their customers but target audience in advertising is useful to create relevant campaigns for each segment. That's why we're excited to introduce Smartboard's new "segmentation" feature!

1. What is a segment?

A segment is a group of contacts in your community who share similar attributes or behaviors. In other words, with segmentation, you can group and track your contacts based on their age, geographic location, events they have participated in, and much more!

2. How to create segments?

You can create segments in two different ways. The first way is to use dynamic filters. If you want to create user groups based on demographic, socio-behavioral criteria, dynamic filters are the ideal solution for you. Simply click on "Filter" from the contacts list and select the criteria you want. The segments created in this way are dynamic, which means they evolve over time. If a contact no longer meets the criteria for a segment, they will be automatically removed.

smartboard with contacts filters

The second way to create a segment is to use a .csv import manually. If you already have a list of contacts based on your own logic, you can import that list and create a segment by checking the "Save as segment" box. This option gives you complete control over creating your segments.

Community section with segments

3. Why use segments?

Now that you know how to create segments, you may be wondering what you can do with them. You can see how many contacts belong to a segment, send an email to all contacts in that segment (subscribers to your newsletter), push specific campaigns to them (ambassador program, promo codes, early birds...), and export the list of contacts in .csv format. For example, when you publish your online ticketing, you can make discounted tickets visible to a specific segment only.

Send email to target audience with segments

To help you get started, we have included two suggested dynamic segments in Smartboard: "Recent contacts" for new contacts added in the last 30 days and "Top buyers" for contacts who have spent over 100€ on tickets for your events. These suggested segments are there to give you ideas, but feel free to create as many segments as you need!

Try it now in your Smartboard and let us know your feedback!


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