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Learn how to use in your advantage the different metrics about your community
Julia Dousse
June 14, 2023
5 min to read

Best practices to use community insights

As an event organizer, metrics about your community can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions to enhance your events. But it can be difficult to know which information to measure, how and for what.

That is why you can find, in Shotgun’s software, metrics for you to enjoy with our integrated CRM. When connecting to your Smartboard, you have access to different metrics in Analytics giving you an overview of your community but also socio-demographic and behavioral insights.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to use in your advantage these metrics to better understand community, their preferences, and the effectiveness of your event strategies.

1. Track community growth

When looking at the Overview of your community, you can track your overall Community growth. This key metric can already give you lots of information concerning your brand popularity, your expansion and engagement of your events. Not only you can see the evolution of the number of contacts, but also followers of your organizer page on Shotgun, your most engaged customers, and email subscribers.

A graph showing your community growth

Use Community growth by event to see more in-depth the number of new contacts for every event that you have organized. See how a contact is added to your community.

2. Do targeted marketing

Get the right people to your event and reach a more accurate audience through targeted marketing. By analyzing socio-demographic metrics such as Gender, Age and Location (country and area), you can identify user groups and create targeted marketing campaigns with our segmentation tool. Learn more about how to segment your audience and how to promote your event with tailored ads for a specific portion of your audience. Also, studies have shown that, when comparing random and targeted ads, 40.5% preferred seeing targeted ones.

Different metrics concerning socio-demographic data

3. Help event planning and pricing strategies

Metrics concerning the Purchase behavior can be used in your favor to make future event planning decisions. With Order seasonality (by weekdays or by month) and Order anticipation, you can use this data to help you launch marketing campaigns, knowing when would be the optimal moment to do so. If you are interested, read our article on some tips to sell out your event.

Graphs about community tickets purchasing pattern

You can also use these insights to guide you for your pricing strategies. By following purchasing patterns, you can see when it will be the most relevant to launch the ticket sales. You can also identify if there is a lot of purchasing during early bird sales, this way you can adapt your pricing structure.

4. Adapt event content

In terms of Socio-demographic, you can identify areas of interest with Contacts by country and Contacts by area. For example, if you notice a certain interest from a particular geographic region, you may consider expanding your event to that area. Finally, learn more about your audience Musical tastes. Same as your contacts location, looking for Popular music genres and Popular artists that they listen to can help you shape your future events.

Popular music genres and popular artists

5. Evaluate customer retention

Use the Event attendance data in your Overview to give you a hint of your customer retention. This will give you the percentage of contacts who attended 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ events. High retention rates indicate a solid community and loyalty in your events. You can use this opportunity to nurture and reward these attendees by launching our Reward program.

Event attendance data from your contacts

6. Evaluate marketing efforts

Last but not least, evaluate your marketing efforts by looking at your Community growth. You can see if there are growth peaks after a marketing activity. If so, it means you've succeeded in attracting new contacts. Identify which campaigns have worked the best.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can look at your traffic for each of your event. You'll be able to identify the number of people who visited each of your event page on Shotgun, the source of these visits and the actions taken. Learn more about this new feature Event Traffic.

Thanks to these key metrics, you can now make informed decisions that contribute to the success of your events.

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