Get them back every week

Not only Shotgun is a no brainer performing software across all teams, from direction to at-door staff, but it allows you to increase your audience by adopting habits of the new going-out generation.

Grow and retain your community.

Generate more sales by selling your events to our growing users community who open our app every week to plan their next move. Reach your audience directly from Smartboard.

Targeted mailing campaigns
Promotion features
Campaigns tracking
Audience CRM

Get a no brain and high-performing access control at the door

Convert any smartphone into high-performing scan with our Shotgun scan app, scanning ticket in 1 second, even those just edited by the cashier thanks to live database synchronization.

Refund your customer immediately from the pad if you do not wish to allow their entry.

Equip your venue with the cash drawer we’ve especially developed for clubs to ease the entrance thanks to its speed of execution.


Make your ticketing work for you.

Manage recurring events the right way by easily duplicating events and ticket categories for early to general admissions, create group tickets for table reservations, schedule sale cycles, manage and synchronize your guestlist live remotely.

Use both the whitelabel widget on your website and our B2C platforms to take advantage of our community.


Own and secure your cash.

Your money is secure in a dedicated account. You can access your income in live, even before the event, without any restriction nor delay, from a section protected by a code, you choose or not to share with your team, within the smartboard.

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