Make them know and bring them back

Use community dynamics to grow your brand and sell more tickets.
Get a better understanding of your attendees and bring them back.
Peacock Society
Rex Club

Download Shotgun app was actually the worst idea, I have like 800 tickets for anything and everything”

@unknownwarlock, a french user

Meet your audience.

Enjoy an overview of your audience within our smartboard to get a better understanding with our integrated CRM.

Demographic and behavior informations

Interactive map to geolocalize your clients

Turn your clients into ambassadors.

Nurture your audience.
Send mailing campaigns with beautiful design directly from Smartboard and get an high opening rate when it comes to informative mailing !
Reward & retain.
Create and manage promo codes for your communities, define discount amount, applied to all or specific tickets, ...
Develop resellers program.
Increase your revenue allowing ambassadors and partners to sell for you to their communities thanks to dedicated landing pages you can protect with a code.
Get your audience commited
Engage your community with your creator page and social features, chat with your audience directly from your Smartboard.

Generate from 30% to 40% sales within Shotgun's communities.

Over the years, we've built a growing community of more than 1 million registered users over the world. We give you access to it by featuring your events on our app and website designed to meet the new uses and behaviors of the “experience generation”.

Track your campaigns performance.

Use our tracking links feature for each of your campaigns (ambassadors program, media partnerships, social ads, mailing, etc.), find out which ones generate the most sales to gain a clear picture of what’s working, and what isn't.

Utilizado por organizadores 🙌 des millions de pisto :)


Nuestro dedicado equipo está aquí para ayudarle en cada paso.

Somos una empresa de tamaño “humano" con un equipo global repartido en oficinas en Francia (París y Marsella), Portugal (Lisboa), España (Madrid y Barcelona), Brasil (São Paulo) y los Estados Unidos (Nueva York y Miami).
Nunca se sabe hasta que se prueba
DIY, es autónomo !
Exprese su marca con la personalización
Construya, haga crecer y rentabilice su comunidad