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“I loved this ticketing system! Perfect!!!! We were in the middle of the forest with low signal and everything worked perfectly”

@sthompson, TRAMA festival, Brazilian user

Successfully complete your access control in any condition.

Take advantage of a unique technology on the market allowing synchronization of scans even in the absence of a network thanks to the bluetooth low energy system which guarantees permanent synchronization to the second regardless of the volume of tickets.

BLE technology

Sync to the sec'

Chill out.

Ease your access control.
Scan QR codes including tickets sold on site thanks to the automatic synchronization of the database.
Never miss a control scanner.
We make our software available for free to turn any smartphone into a scan, all you need to do is to install the app.
No more wasting time on litigation.
Our multi-entry search tool allows your controllers to quickly verify ticket infos and you can refund a customer immediately at the door from the pad.
Limit internal fraud.
Entry fraud can unfortunately comes from access control teams. Name and assign the scans for each inspector to follow their activity.
Never get stranded.
Our long-lasting batteries have an autonomy that is 4x longer than traditional batteries to manage access controls over a long period of time.

A cash drawer adapted to your needs.

Designed to facilitate the passage through entry thanks to its speed of execution. Validate tickets instantly at the point of sale, offer several payment methods, edit pre-draw tickets, print tickets on thermal paper or cardboard paper, generate a cash report at the end of the session and receive it by email to secure the data!

Manage like a boss.

Adapt your access control to multiple variables. You can define different scan zoning according to the rate applied and their respective access rights.

Take advantage of the expertise of our teams. Our experts in access control management have been managing entrance and public flows for 20 years at all the biggest festivals in France. They will be able to assist and advise you in setting up access control in the field.

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