Use communities as the main distribution channel by combining purchase's behavior and community's engagement.
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"I would just like to say that this resell feature is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a ticketing platform. Congratulations to you guys!”

@sthompson, Sophia Thompson, Brazilian user

Create beautiful personalized events in minutes.

Easily create an event from scratch or by importing a facebook event. Define the venue type, tag artists and music styles. Customize it to match your brand, import your artworks and add a video trailer to create an immersive experience. Preview your ticketing site before going live !

Customized landing page

Draft, schedule and preview

Ticketing empowerment

Set up your tickets according to your strategy.
Define your gauge, create multiple categories and types of tickets, decide when they must be available and customize them. Create special offers for alternative networks with private links.
Easily manage your accreditations and invitations.
We know this part can be time consuming. Now you can create different categories of invitations or accreditations, add them manually or import your file, automatically send them and track to know if they’ve been opened or not.
Manage your guestlist live.
This feature will allow you to add the last minute requests (we know you know), automatically synchronized with your scans at the door ! Or you can edit the guestlist directly on the pad, secured with a code manager.

Ticketing done the right way.

Your brand or our communities ?
You don’t have to choose.
You can both use a whitelabel on your website and take advantage of our users community by selling on our website and app within a dedicated page that belongs to you !
Allow your customers to safely buy&resell their tickets within our app.
We’ve developed our own integrated tickets exchange to fight against the black market. This is the most appreciate feature by our users !
Your multiple distribution strategy
Thanks to our external sales integration tool you can import the sales you have generated on other distributors to centralize them in a single platform.
Maximize your revenues by selling extra tickets on site.
We can equip you with an on location POS that’s connected to the scans. Our cash drawers are specially designed to ease the access thanks to its speed of execution. Learn more in access control section !
Personalize data you want to collect.
Shotgun has designed a very smooth and fast purchasing funnel for the user, but you can collect more informations at the check-out if you want it. 
Overview all your orders.
You can filter by tags, search by barcode and export your datas in complete autonomy.
Utilizado por organizadores 🙌
...et des millions de pisto :)


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