Build an event brand with a community

Your are a self-produced artist or an underground collective ? You are the new generation of event creators for whom we’ve built Shotgun. We drastically reduce the complexity of building an event brand so you can focus on what really matters to you: artistic direction and event production.

"We put tickets on Shotgun for our last party, there were hundreds of ticket sold before we even announced; that's when we understood Shotgun was now more powerful than Facebook to sell tickets and is now incontournable"

@Heretik, parisian underground collective

Reach an initial audience and grow your community.

Make the most of Shotgun experience by selling your events to our +5 million users community on our distribution channels and generate from 30% to 40% more sales. Get to know your audience and promote your events directly from the platform.

Targeted mailing campaigns
Promotion features
Campaigns tracking
Audience CRM

Make everything run smoothly on D-day under any condition.

Use high-performing scan that works without network on any smartphones for free thanks to our “shotgun scan” app.
Assign a scan for each controller in order to follow their activity to avoid internal fraud.
Get help from our operations team before and after the event. We are here to support you throughout the process.


Sell like pro, easily.

Create beautiful ticketing landing page to match your brand in minutes. Define your gauge, the venue type (open air, warehouse, club, ...) or use the secret location feature to be revealed on D-day, tag artists and music styles. Create special offers for your ambassadors or artists communities...


Get instant access to your cash to finance the production of your event.

You can access your income in live from a secured section within Smartboard, even before the event without any restriction nor delay after the very first sale !

Manage your contractors by paying them directly from our platform in total security even with our free solution.

Utilizado por organizadores 🙌 des millions de pisto :)


Nuestro dedicado equipo está aquí para ayudarle en cada paso.

Somos una empresa de tamaño “humano" con un equipo global repartido en oficinas en Francia (París y Marsella), Portugal (Lisboa), España (Madrid y Barcelona), Brasil (São Paulo) y los Estados Unidos (Nueva York y Miami).
Nunca se sabe hasta que se prueba
DIY, es autónomo !
Exprese su marca con la personalización
Construya, haga crecer y rentabilice su comunidad