How Mamba Negra found the correct ticketing solution that matches their identity

Laura Diaz
Founder of Mamba Negra (Brazil)
Laura Diaz
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Mamba Negra, an engaged collective on São Paulo’s music scene.

Mamba Negra is an activist multi-artform collective leading São Paulo’s vibrant dance music scene with a deep aesthetic experience. Not only they organize parties but they have socio-political aims. Like ravers in urban metropoles across the world, it’s a struggle for Sao Paulo’s clubbers to find safe and affordable spaces to party in.

“Mamba Negra is a device for direct action. […] It is the fruit of the need to access the means of production of the cultural machine. We want to be women, transgender, lesbian, gay, queer, and heterosexual. We want our work to be recognised. We want respect. That’s all.”
- Laura Diaz

Over the last 10 years, they broke sociocultural paradigms in São Paulo nightlife and influenced groups from all over Brazil to the appreciation and artistic inclusion of LGBTQIA+. The independent party went from the streets to abandoned factories exploring all kinds of locations and formats. It grew together with the sound system and evolved in a climate of affection among its team that yearned for freedom of expression in endless nights, becoming the physical manifestation of the youthful expression and female protagonist associated with art.

They are all united in their respect for free expression, thus the public has been quick to associate this space with a clear identification with a plural social insertion full of diversity, just like Brazilian culture.

Shotgun, a service that goes beyond a simple ticketing platform.

Before they worked with Shotgun, they were facing archaic platforms that could not adapt to new artistic movements and their needs: big amount of fees, lack of autonomy, way too long delays in operations, basically an heavy bureaucracy with no supportive relationship.

They choose to work with Shotgun rather than another service for the human and supportive relationship, the quality of the integrated system and the accompaniment without requiring abusive counterparties. What they like the most with Shotgun : Integrated system, relationship, efficient workflows, organization of integrated data and transparency.

Outdoor event from Mamba Negra with big crowd

We all win, improve and grow together.

After a year of working together, they said this partnership encourages them to improve the deliveries. They make it a point of honor to deliver quality service for the LGBTQIA+ cultural sector. So it is very important for them to work with a platform who understands this sector and remains attentive to create the best possible experience to sustain their project.

“The access, transparency and organization of the data we capture optimizes our ability to reach the target audience. The platform's integrated tools were made for our cultural initiative profile and this improves our workflow. In addition, the readiness of the Shotgun team makes it much easier to resolve unforeseen circumstances.” - Laura Diaz
Some members of collective Mamba Negra


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