With Shotgun PANE were able to finance their productions at better cost and time.

Producter of PANE

Pane was born from a desire to explore and present the 80’s aesthetics to the public.The possibility of bringing new artists to the city of Porto Alegre, in Brazil, was also a great impetus for the idealization of this project.

The party, which had only two in-person editions, already captivates a loyal audience and stands out for the energetic and intense atmosphere, along with their care for the visuals and sound narrative - being those a great hallmark of PANE.

Their issue was to make PANE more profitable, even if it was already in a healthy position, but they needed to earn more cash to produce future parties. They said their medium term goal was to make PANE a reference party in Brazil and for that to happen they wanted to book artists from all regions of the country, to be able to bring festivals and big projects through Pane, and this way, benefit from virtuous circle and be able to pay the people who work for the project better and better.

At the time we met, they were struggling with the distance and impersonality in the communication with the old platforms and having to wait 5 days or more after the parties to receive the money from their revenue was also a big problem because they worked in a overstretched cash flow situation.

When we start working together Barsotti said :

with Shotgun it became much simpler and more direct.

PANE was one of the first collectives we work with in Brazil, we knew them thanks to our awesome country manager in Brazil and amazing artist Carol, we were impressed by their universe, and really wanted to work with them.

The relationship became a two-way street, we needed a new platform, with the face of our events sector and we saw this opportunity in Shotgun!

As a young collective, it was complicated to finance each event, morever when they had to wait few days after the event to receive the money. When they start working with shotgun they’re able to access to cash instantly to finance their productions.

Banking always helps me pay suppliers in advance, and so I get very interesting discounts, which are reflected in the final spreadsheet of the party!

PANE was eligible to our sponsorship program by meeting a lot of spiritual, artistic and cultural expectations. By helping them financially we wanted them to keep creating and meet a bigger audience.

In addition to all the features of the platform, the initial financial investment made by Shotgun helped me to invest in several things that today made Pane one of the biggest parties in Porto Alegre.
Shotgun brought respect and practicality to the party/platform relationship.


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