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Can’t believe I played at @Centrepompidou for @shotgunexperience. Thank you for watching the stream from Centre Pompidou yesterday!

Nina Kraviz
Nina KravizRussian DJ
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Broadcast everything you want, everywhere you wish. Choose if you want to publish a replay.
Run the merch or donation features as long as you wish!

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You can make available your event on our platform and benefit from being promoted to our audience. Shotgun has approximately 500,000 registered users and over one million hits per month.

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Best featuring award

Unlike traditional streams, the experience providing here is strong enough to legitimate a entrance fee.
Try it, buy it!
You can set up a free trial, so user can be able to experience a few minutes of free watching before asked to pay or make a donation.
You can also decide to make a free event based on donation. We’ll feature a “donation bar” where people can support you!
If you have some merchandising or tickets for upcoming events to sell, we can create a shopping room within the event.
Video Dancerooms
Attendees can create or join video-rooms to chat/dance together. They can make it public or private to enjoy with friends or meet people
Wall Of Fame
Based on opt-in, attendees will get a chance to be broadcasted on the wall of fame during 15s making the overall atmosphere hoter!
Public chat
That's the feature where people talk. It’s also the perfect place for staff and artists to interact with the audience.
Multi Stages
Several stages can run simultaneously within a same event. Create a variety of floors, artistic performances, activities and atmospheres.
As soon as your event is set up on our platform, your portal will run a countdown until the opening.